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Beneficiary Name: TEAGRILL PVT LTD Bank: ICICI BANK LTD Account No. 255005000489 IFSC Code: ICIC0002550

TEA GRILL PVT LTD is a FoodTech Startup dealing in tea, food and technology. TG is the modern evolution of a long time traditional concept of a teahouse focusing in highest quality Indian Tea & Food equipped with business tools based on Technology.

Story dates back to 2008-

  • A Tea Farmer’s Son who was introduced to tea leaf very early in his life but had no plans to join tea initially.
  • His first job was at Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore where he didn’t last very long. He left within five months after a visit to Nilgiris with friends in 2008. Having tasted different tea like Oolong, Green, Black and a tea blend which they called Chocolate Tea changed his outlook about Tea.
  • Having seen the day to day activities in a tea garden before in a very small scale wanted to dig in further.
  • So, went on to study Tea formally and joined Khowang TE in Dibrugarh, Assam & Gandrapara TG in Dooars, West Bengal to acquire more knowledge on Tea.
  • His quests to taste different type of tea’s and understand the regional differences due to natural conditions and manufacturing styles which has tremendous impact on the quality of tea made him leave garden life. Bringing him back to his hometown Siliguri where he joins Acclaris Business Solutions managing a team for US based client with an eye to stay near Darjeeling Hills so, that he could visit tea gardens in Darjeeling.

“Great businesses are built around the problem they are solving”…. India produces some of the finest teas in the world but millions of tea growers are still uncertain about their future. Tea available in Indian market is ordinary and tea gardens have to rely on international brands to sell their tea in global market. In addition consumers are deprived of owning their tea they love. On the other hand our tastes are evolving beyond traditional food and our youth is definitely a ‘foodie’.

Corporate Life was only for temporary so, after working for 6years eventually in 2017 with a long-drawn dream he started connecting the dots….

India being a diverse palette of culinary traditions, fusions, and sheer delights, we thought only an equally diverse and impeccable venture could do justice to it.

He dreamt of opening a café chain of his own targeting mainly Tea Retail & Food Market. That Tea Farmer’s Son was our founder, Babai Das. He entered this industry with a 2- fold approach in 2018-

  • TEA GRILL retails its own brand of packet tea’s. These tea varieties have been carefully selected working with partner tea gardens in India after thorough research on the Indian palette as well as global needs.
  • To drive innovation and open new cafes, a place where customers love to engage themselves with Tea. TEA GRILL has developed special Tea Offerings along with Grilled Food which perfectly complement each other.

Today TEA GRILL has managed to create one of a kind, bootstrapped, fast emerging casual dining Indian Food Joint chain.

Thus, we are on a mission to become India’s biggest Food Joint who can compete with likes of Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds, Dominos etc.